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Wool - Part One

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1, Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey

Wool is set in a post-apocalyptic world where what is left of the human race live in an underground silo. The story, or stories - remember this is an omnibus of five novellas - concern the way in which life in such an environment is structured - how people work, eat, live, politics, law and order. It's part crime story, part scifi, part action thriller.It definitely has its moments and I did enjoy it. I did think that there were some things that are revealed at the end of part 1 that the author might have chosen to hold back if he'd known at the time he were writing a longer piece. And giving away a major piece of information about how the world of Wool works so early on didn't help it I thought. Also whilst there are a few main characters who go throughout most of the piece, there are others who feature mainly in one section or another. So if you pick the wrong character to follow you might not get to track them through the whole five parts (if you see what I mean).The thing that's best about Wool is the world-building and the way tension is built in the plot. Definitely worth a look.