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Alan Moore's The Courtyard (Color Edition)

Alan Moore The Courtyard (Color Edition) - Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows When I bought this I was in a mood to read a graphic novel/comic but didn't know much about the genre (still don't really). I confess I bought this because it had Alan Moore's name on it (and I liked Watchmen) and it was relatively cheap.So bear that in mind.The reason it was cheap was probably because it was short, just 48 pages I believe. However it is rather beautifully drawn and so there was a chance to linger over the artwork.The story - well it reads like a short story in that it's leading up to a very specific ending, punchline, whatever - and that's OK. Except I felt it wasn't as strong an idea as it needed to be (or possibly I've read too many short stories). It may help if you've read H.P. Lovecraft (and I haven't though I sort of got the references.)So not a total classic but not bad as a story and nice to look at.