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Bet you can't... FIND ME (Catherine Mans' Suspense)

Bet you can't... FIND ME (Catherine Mans' Suspense) - Linda S. Prather, Rosemary Fifield I had high hopes for this book because of all the positive reviews and because it seemed like a good premise - a crime thriller with a supernatural twist. Also the author clearly went to a lot of trouble to get it properly formatted and proof-read, and the cover looks great.Sadly it just wasn't very well written in my opinion. There were lots of points where I just didn't believe that characters, particularly in law enforcement, would act the way they did. I found the romance elements cringe-worthy, not because I don't like romance but because hard-bitten cops and feisty independant women suddenly become blushing, giggling and nervous. The plot isn't that complicated but the way it's told makes it feel convoluted. Also the ending has no real tension, definitely not a twist, because you've been told what will happen quite a long way beforehand.I could go on but I really don't have the heart. There were some good ideas and if the writing was better it might have been a decent read. Unfortunately, for me anyway, it wasn't.