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Death Notice

Death Notice. Todd Ritter - Todd Ritter I enjoyed this book. It's a pretty effective thriller. The prose can be a bit flat and the dialogue was often matter-of-fact, uninspired or cliched, but I cared about the characters and the plot was very well constructed. It had the right number of twists and turns, lulls and frantic action scenes. It was neither completely predictable - there were enough plausible red herrings to keep you guessing - nor so determined to surprise you that the reveal felt like a cheat - I had the identity of the killer narrowed down to two characters and managed to guess correctly in the end but it could have gone either way down to the last few pages - so that was satisfying.I have a question mark over the medical plausibility of something that happens near the end in terms of what someone who's been through a lot physically is still able to do - but by that stage I was gripped enough to give it the benefit of the doubt.The deaths are quite nasty if you're not a fan of gore. Overall a good read.