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Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon - Joe Dunthorne I saw and enjoyed the film of Submarine and was tempted to get the book but got this instead as I wanted to read something I didn't know.It's about about a group of people who live in a commune in Wales. The community has dwindled and is may or may not be dying. The story largely follows the family of the unspoken leader of the group - his teenage daughter who increasingly just wants to pass her A-levels and have an normal life, his disaffected wife and his son who believes the end of the world is coming. In a way it is.A fun read, laughed out loud in a couple of places. The story felt a little convoluted and I felt like there was a lack of coherence near the end (maybe I'm too used to movies with just a single climactic scene). However the ending itself was clever and an image that stays with you.