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Ice Diaries

Ice Diaries - Lexi Revellian (2 1/2 stars)I quite enjoyed [b:Remix|8875132|Remix|Lexi Revellian|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1285065537s/8875132.jpg|13750809] and when I saw the premise for this book I was intrigued. Sadly it's not as well written and although it's still easy to read and quite short it wasn't enjoyable as such. I didn't hate it I just didn't like it either. The idea of a London 20 metres deep in snow with a tiny fraction of the current population, the rest having been carried off by a pandemic, was I thought a good one but the way it's dealt with here makes for a very cosy apocalypse. They have dinner parties and book clubs. I expected a constant sense of a fight for survival against the elements (and each other?) but although dangers of the cold were mentioned, they were downplayed to the point where it felt like the whole story could have taken place in a small village in a normal, if very cold, British winter. I found the dialogue and story telling uninspiring. Often the characters tell you exactly what they're thinking so we're never really allowed to wonder why they did certain things. Also I found the romantic elements a bit cringe-worthy.