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Storm Front: The Dresden Files Book One

Storm Front  - Jim Butcher I started off sceptical about this book (this franchise tbh) but I have to say it own me over. I really enjoyed it and that's down to two things:1) Pace and structure. The story builds really well. It's not slow to begin with but there are definite gear-shifts where the pace quickens so that by the end it's page-turning stuff.2) The character of Harry Dresden. Superficially he's every hard-bitten P.I. you've ever read - albeit with magical powers (Marlowe as Mage?) but we get the internal monologue which means we see the vulnerabilities, the complexity, the past. And the fact that he gets beaten down but doesn't knuckle under, always an endearing trait, doesn't appear as arrogant bad-ass-ery, but a real part of who he is.