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The Way Home

The Way Home - George Pelecanos I enjoyed this book. It builds slowly but by the end I was gripped. What could have been written as a straight-forward crime thriller became a brooding meditation on the effects of crime on young boys and men - and their families. But that sounds a bit analytical. The thing I enjoyed about this book was that it put a crime story in the context of a person's relationships. It wasn't just a question of "what will happen? will they get the bad guy?" it was "what's this going to do to his mum, dad, girlfriend?"I did get the feeling there were cultural references I was missing and the street language was unfamiliar to me. Which was fine but left me definitely feeling I was on the outside of this world looking in - as Brit, a white guy, a middle class man who's never had or been in that kind of trouble. Maybe that was the point - after all reading is about looking through someone else's eyes into their world right?The ending's one of downbeat optimism if that makes any sense - which it may if you read it. So read it ;)